2024 the International Conference on
Electronics, Communications, and Signal Processing
October 25-27, 2024, Kunming, China (Hybrid)
News: CECSP 2024 submission is open now.

Welcome to CECSP 2024

2024 IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Communications, and Signal Processing (CECSP) will be held in Kunming, China on October 25-27, 2024. It is sponsored by Yunnan Minzu University, China, hosted by School of Electronic and Information Technology and Yunnan Key Laboratory of Unmanned Autonomous System.

2024年IEEE电子, 通信和信号处理国际会议(CECSP)将于2024年10月25日至27日在中国昆明举行。会议定位为电子,信息通信和信号处理应用技术及产业化发展交流探讨, 面向智能技术企业和科研院所研发人员, 工程师等, 我们诚挚的欢迎相关领域的学者, 工程师, 学生等参加此次会议, 分享最新的研究成果, 四季如春、风景秀丽的中国云南省昆明市欢迎您的到来!
主办单位: 云南民族大学
承办单位: 云南民族大学电气信息工程学院, 云南省无人自主系统重点实验室
协办单位: 中国科学院水下环境特性重点实验室, 厦门大学自然资源部东南沿海海洋信息智能感知与应用重点实验室, 厦门大学水声通信与海洋信息技术教育部重点实验室, 江苏水声技术有限公司, 浙江海洋大学信息工程学院

The conference aims to bring scientists, experts, instructors, non-govermental organizations and private sector representatives together to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge in a scientific framework. In addition to cutting edge research paper presentations in engineering areas, the platform serves as a multi-disciplinary platform for discussing current issues in the multidisciplinary studies and innovative technologies.


All papers will be subject to double-blind reviews and accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into CECSP conference proceedings.

Paper Submission 丨会议投稿

The papers should be based on any of the topics related to the objectives of the conference. The technical papers will be accepted up to 6 pages formatted in standard camera-ready format, (Full paper template or Latex). All the authors are requested to submit their papers electronically in PDF format via the CECSP submission site:http://confsys.iconf.org/submission/cecsp2024

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The conference organizers gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the following:

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